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Fine sparkles

Reveal the fruits' and plants' flavour.

Unaju® : organic & beautiful

Unaju®, finely sparkling natural juices made of carefully selected organic fruits and plants. These unique & natural juices are created with one and only aspiration: find the perfect balance between the fruit and the plant.

Transparency of our juices

Our juices are free from added flavour, artificial colouring and chemical preservatives. They are unique as they are produced with natural ingredients harvested by agricultural cooperatives. Any time, consumers can check on our website where the primary ingredients are grown.

The sparkle make the difference

Only few sparkling juices exist on the market of alcohol-free natural beverages. Yet, the sparkles add an extra dimension during the tasting. That is why we worked the sparkle to deliver a light but intense bubble that will go well with your cocktails and dishes/meals.

Manufacture Bordeaux signature

This Latin word composed of “Manu” and “Factura” means “to make products by hand”. Manufacture Bordeaux’ ambition is to create finely sparkling natural juices from preserved fruits and plants flavour. Our recipes are created in our factory based in Bordeaux.
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